Quartz Bangers

    At Cozmic Cali , we offer only high quality 100 % Quartz Bangers.

    Quartz Bangers are designed to enhance the art of low-temperature dabbing, these top-tier accessories guarantee impeccable flavor and efficient vaporization of your concentrates. In contrast to traditional glass or titanium dabbing nails, quartz bangers boast a higher burning temperature, making them remarkably durable and pure.

    How to use Quartz Bangers?
    1. Open your torch and heat the bottom and side walls of the banger until it glows slightly.
    2. Wait for the banger to cool down to the optimal temperature, around 500-600°F. You can test it by waving your hand over it or using a thermometer.
    3. Use a dab tool to place your concentrate into the bucket of the banger.
    4. Inhale the vapor that the hot banger produces as you dab the concentrate on it.
    Popularized by the pros at Quave Club Bangers, bangers are a style of quartz nail that extends away from your water pipe. Like the Honey Bucket, you’ll want to heat a banger from the bottom and let it cool to your ideal temperature for full-flavored dabs. Bangers are best utilized when paired with QFZ (quality flavor zone) style carb caps. These caps function similarly to OFZs, by creating a convection oven within the chamber of your banger. QFZs were made popular by lampworker QHeffner, before companies such as Capstars and Diamond Caps started producing large quantities of the caps.
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